Cord-wain-er [kowrd-wey-ner] noun.
1. a shoemaker; cobbler

CRDWN was established in 2012 in Venice, California. Inspired by the new generation of free thinkers and creatives around us whose work is not confined to three cubicle walls or the 9 to 5 hours. We set out to design footwear that is as unique as these individuals. 

We established the phrase ‘California Formal’ as a guiding light for our brand as the traditional boundaries of the word 'formal' are being blurred (especially in California) by a new progressive look. Set out to shock and awe, but with a grounded, modern, and clean design approach. We redefine these new boundaries with these aesthetics in mind. All while paying homage to the heritage of footwear with subtle, premium design cues and rich materials.

We are dedicated to building a lifestyle brand that you will be proud to represent. We pledge to stand by our founding principles of quality, service and the on going pursuit of unattainable perfection.

We are CRDWN.